Don't let others claim your code generated by programmers

Register your code with legal validity!

Protect your creations in the safest and most innovate way, thanks to the
Blockhain technology

Much simpler than trying to prove authorship later.

Step 1: Verified your identity

Fill out the registration form and verify your identity, so your records will have legal validity along with your digital signatur

Step 2: Register your files

Upload the files of your code generated by programming. We create a unique digital fingerprint to register them on the blockchain.

Step 3: Get your certificate

Download your certificate. The link and digital certification allow anyone to check the registration and verify that the code generated by programmers belongs to you.

Step 4: Save your originals files

Keep the original files of your generated code exactly as you registered them (without changes). Otherwise, future validations will not work correctly.

The importance of registering code generated by programmers

In the field of programming, the source code is the foundation of numerous applications and systems. Your code generated by programmers can be an innovative solution, an efficient algorithm, or a function that enhances performance. But what happens if someone else takes ownership of your code and uses it without your permission?

By registering your code through programming, you secure your rights over it. The registration provides immutable and legally valid evidence of your authorship and the moment the code was generated. This process not only protects your creations but can also be crucial if you want to demonstrate ownership, seek collaborations, or even commercialize your code in the future. In summary, registering your code is an essential step to safeguard and recognize your talent in the world of progra


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