What are smart contracts and how do they work?

It’s clear that technology benefits both daily and professional tasks. With Blockchain technology, a step further is taken by completely eliminating intermediaries. One of the things it has introduced is smart contracts, which have changed the way business is done today.

At MIIM, we bring you this article where we talk about smart contracts and how they work. Don’t miss it!

What Are Smart Contracts?

Smart contracts are like traditional contracts, but they come with a difference, and that is they don’t require an intermediary to execute an action. This is the main distinction from regular contracts.

How Do Smart Contracts Work?

Smart contracts work both individually and collectively and consist of three parts:

  • Digital signature: The signatures of the involved parties are required.
  • Subject: Everyone involved in the agreement needs to have access to the information.
  • Terms and conditions: These ensure that the rules and regulations are followed.

They need to have a perfect setup to ensure their functionality. Users must have their cryptographic code to enable transaction processes. Then, they can access the reliable and automated database. Lastly, various software is used to ensure 100% reliability.

The Advantages of Smart Contracts

Here are all the advantages of smart contracts:

  • Complete transparency: They are transparent to all stakeholders. Anyone involved in the deal can see the terms and conditions of the agreement and access it. If they want to change something, they have to do it before the contract is finalized because afterward, it’s impossible.
  • 100% communication: Every detail is stated in the contract, so there is no room for misunderstandings or lack of information.
  • Efficient and effective performance: Precision, automation, and speed are combined.
  • Paperless: They benefit the environment as no trees are cut, and there’s no need to use machines that can harm the environment.
  • Backup: Duplicates are always present in the blockchain.

At MIIM, we work with Blockchain technology to protect your business ideas and app ideas. If you encounter any issues or have been plagiarized, you can prove that the idea belongs solely to you. Contact us if you’re interested in registering your idea using Blockchain technology.

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