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We protect your idea in the #blockchain

We send you a digital certificate or official



Certificates valid in a court

With the MIIM certificates, we provide the “ideotas” with a digital environment in which they themselves can register their ideas, in a totally secure and reliable way.

Our system is based on Blockchain technology and guarantees the uniqueness of each idea. If the idea is copied, its digital certificate linked to the blockchain will show that the “ideota” already had it before.

We achieve an immutability of the registered information that is the weapon to demonstrate evidence that serves as probative fact before a judge

Patent an idea through the blockchain

If you have a new idea on your mind about starting a business or creating a brand, it’s important that you patent it as soon as possible before telling anyone, so that you have the full authorship of the idea and it cannot be stolen or plagiarized for commercial purposes.

At MIIM we tell you how to patent an idea and what can and cannot be patented. MIIM is an Akaven project that focuses on the certification of ideas, something that has never been done before had been seen

We are the first certifier of ideas in the world. Each idea has an owner and at MIIM we can prove it on the day and time of registration. In this way we protect the idea and ensure that it continues to belong to its owner, regardless of possible later copies.


How is an idea protected?

When it comes to patenting an idea through the Patent and Trademark Office, you have to prepare a series of documents (abstract, drawings, report and claims) and come into play three figures: - The inventor or creator of the idea: it is a person, it cannot be a company or a equipment. - The applicant: this can be a person or a company. It consists in being the patent owner. - The representative: is the figure that represents the applicant when he is going to request the patent. It is in charge of paying the fees, and carrying out the administrative processes. However, from MIIM, an idea can be patented more easily and quickly and without So much paperwork involved. We tell you about it in the next section.

How to patent an idea through MIIM

Patenting an idea through MIIM is very simple. And if you have an idea of business, it is best that you register it before someone can take it away from you and lose that idea in addition to the money for not having registered it or verifying yourself as the owner. By patenting your business idea with our platform, you will have your idea protected in the blockchain. And not only that, you will also receive a certificate of your idea, on official paper, digital or both ways. Choose what is most comfortable for you. But how is each certificate different? The digital certificate is based on blockchain sent by email and the official paper certificate is a document printed on stamped anti-fraud paper that is sent by mail to the address you indicate

Did you have an amazing business idea and someone took it away from you?

Many entrepreneurs lose ideas and money by not registering or verifying their ownership.

Is it easy to patent an idea?

The answer to whether an idea can be patented easily, the answer is resoundingly yes. In fact, you just have to follow the steps that we explain to you below to do it with MIIM via blockchain technology. At the time of patent an idea, it is important that you make sure that you have everything prepared so that you do not there is no inconvenience.

What do I need to patent an idea?

Preparation of documents

Our advice is to have a document where you explain a short description of the idea and its promoters. If you want the information to be more detailed, you can optionally record a presentation, an explanatory video/audio, the brand logo and the business model. But do not forget that the most important thing is to prepare a template with the description of the idea and its promoters. The rest is secondary. In MIIM, we allow you to register up to a maximum of 6 files, but if you are going to send more, We give you the option to compress them to pass them on to us.

Indicate the title of the idea

The next step is to indicate the title that you have given to your idea. This has to be the same that you have put in the document with the description of the idea and the promoters.

About the files that are uploaded

The third step is that you upload the files and documents that you have prepared. The purpose is being able to register your idea and store it in the blockchain. The information you send us will only be used for registration purposes. nothing at all other purpose or share it with third parties. Nor will it be published on any website public or in any physical place. Only hashes will be recorded on the blockchain cryptographic data that refers to the information you have sent us. In addition, they will prohibit internet crawlers and search engines from indexing robots on search engines Search the information that is collected.

Upload the document describing the idea and its promoters

Finally, you just have to upload the prepared document to be able to register and protect your idea.



DIGITAL: Digital certificate based on Blockchain sent by email.

OFFICIAL PAPER: Certificate printed on stamped anti-fraud paper sent by mail.



Fill out a short form with the basic information of your idea.

Upload the multimedia files you deem appropriate (presentation, images, video,…)


Download the digital certificate directly from your email. And if you have chosen to have it also on official paper, in a few days you will receive it comfortably at the address you indicate.


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