As simple as… 5 steps

  1.   TITLE: Minimum text that identifies the content to be certified.

(Saves on Blockchain: YES; Visibility for everyone: YES)

  1.   DESCRIPTION: Brief description of the content to be certified.

(Saves on Blockchain: NO. Visibility for everyone: YES)

  1.   PUBLIC VERIFICATION: If checking, the certification can be verified by anyone, and certificate can be downloaded.

(Visibility for everyone: YES only if checked)

  1.   FILE: Any file format is valid with a limit of 13Mb. You have to save the original file! It’s the only way for you to verify ownership.

(Saves on Blockchain: NO; we only store the ID of the file, never its content)

  1.   REGISTER: Blockchain usually take a few minutes to register and to confirm (even hours)

(If more than a day passes and the record still doesn’t appear in your record listing, please contact us)



If you are looking to register a patent or your audiovisual work, then count on MIIM. We are the perfect, agile and permanent solution with the most modern technology.

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